The diverse Dandy Programs represent the knowledge absorbed over a lifetime of learning and years of, designing, engineering, using feedback the VIDAT product development is now ready for customization.  VIDAT. What if it were issued a utility patent from the USPTO that would protect Dandy and provide a competitive advantage for its partners, early adaptors, and clients.

Every usage case defined below is built on a sustainable shared revenue model with verified and auditable data after customization.

This is not just a downloadable application.  VIDAT is a VERIFICATION process that can meet and establish auditable protocols.

We Trust but Verify.

The objective

To provide bicycle communities tools to create a sustainable, charitable sponsorship model whereby contributions to bicycle infrastructures, are derived from services catering to them.  Provide the means to make every ride a charity ride. When every ride is a charity ride it becomes a social event. We monetize events together.

VIDAT a system for verifying physical activity of a user.  We monetize it together.

  • ESGEnvironmental, Social, and Governance
    • VIDAT- will deliver the least expensive, easiest to deploy, most accurate data verification tools that scientifically verified Scope 3 Category 7 data regarding bicycle commuter carbon emissions.
      • This will meet and can exceed any audit
      • This can also meet the Gold Standard of Carbon Capture Credit programs
        • Now the employer (or Healthcare provider) can resell the credit
    • Become a conduit to volunteerism
      • Allow sustainability reporting companies to assist temporary bicycle solutions.
  • Healthcare
    • Policyholders
      • VIDAT data verification process enables a healthcare consumer to negotiate better policy rates because the activity level is verified
    • Healthcare providers
      • Offer corporations a discount and benefits to existing members if they use VIDAT
      • As a tool to capture new clients
    • Life Insurance consumer
      • Dramatically reduces the policy costs
    • Life Insurance issuer
      • Capture more clients
  • EBA Enabled Bicycle Apparel – Transactionally based and Affinity reward minded.
    • QR-Code within the apparel
      • If used in conjunction with VIDAT during a consumer purchase with the QR-Code in the apparel, we call that VIDATification.
  • Ride To Us For Us
    • Multiple charities group and share expenses in one location.
      • Have riders come to them
        • This removes many of the cost of permits and time constraints of logistics
        • Riders can only enter if use VIDAT and verify
          • Miles ridden
          • Sponsor’s commitment
        • Have food and entertainment
  • Education for municipality regarding Wallets On Wheels
    • Dandy Zones – Become a bicyclist destination.
      • Bicycle valet parking secured and VIDAT creates efficiencies.
      • Retailers use NFC/QR-Code in the window
        • Become part of the Affinity/Rewards program
      • Employees are from Voluntary contribution from ESG reporting companies
      • Encourages cyclists to get off the bicycle and spend money.
        • Bicycle Valet and Bathrooms
  • ESG Data Capture Tools Software
    • Quantify and aggregate the Carbon Emission benefit of employees commuting via bicycle
      • Nobody currently does this nor can they without VIDAT
  • OEM – Offers monthly recurring income if the tag becomes active within a VIDAT or VIDATification process
    • Bicycle Frame manufacturer – Trek
      • Bake a QR-Code and or an NFC tag on the frame before painting
    • Helmet
      • Visible or within the helmet
    • Apparel
      • EBA
        • VIDATification
    • Phone – NFC reader enabled
      • Pre-installed
    • Credit Card Issuer
  • Every Ride is a Charity Ride
    • The rider commitments
      • VIDAT being used
      • EBA must be worn
        • Approved built-in sponsor and selected charity
          • Dollars per miles
        • Affinity rewards if purchases match the sponsor and VIDATification takes place.
  • American Raffle Partnership
    • Raffle America is the only platform with the regulatory and compliance built-in for online raffle sales in America
    • Celebrity Based 2-day 1-night Hudson Valley Charity Tour (any not for profit)
    • Starting point $1,000,000
      • 10 winners
        • 2 riders per winner
        • 1 – $10,000 worth of high-end custom build (with NFC Tags and painted with the Not-For-Profit theme (or Celebrity) per winner
        • Airfare and transportation included
    • Fixed costs
      • Dandy charges between $150-$175,000 per event
      • Logistics
      • The rewards package cost $110,000 including transportation
    • The Charity opportunities
      • 4,000 (or more) tickets sold at $250.00 per ticket (or at a higher price)
      • Charity will always receive more than $700,000.00.
        • They could raise $10,000,000 per ride if the celebrity and charity status were highly visible.
  • ESG Auditing FirmsEnhances their client scoresKPIScope 3 Category 7
  • The Dandy Corrals – Think of these as stadiums (branding) for events and lodging.
    • Network of high-end grid-independent tiny homes on wheels
      • Bicycle-centric in design
        • Logistics of transporting gear and food requests
        • Social distant lodging
      • Offers all three meals to all trail enthusiasts.
    • Events
      • Hosts the Ride For Us To Us and America Raffle models Driving occupancy rate and income per home substantially higher – VIDAT must be downloaded and used to enter
    • Could enter a 5-year lease of raw land.
    • Commit to Staffed Trail-Head rest area facilities VIDAT required Dandy pays
      • Full Bathroom services
      • Refreshments
        • If matches EBA
          • Rewards and benefits from sponsors
      • Emergency bicycle equipment
      • Branding of local goods and services
      • Local bicycle shop employees
    • A fully branded fleet of electric SAG wagons carrying people gear from metropolitan to a Dandy Corral.  The equivalent of a ski lift.

What if all of this could be accomplished by integrating VIDAT within your protocols?

What if VIDAT was protected with Patents?

Is it possible? Will your clients find VIDATs’ usage before you sell then the data?

We do not make the data, we VIDAT it.

Verified it with VIDAT

Deliverable’s timeframe very on program & customization

VIDAT differentiates itself by viewing a bicycle, a helmet, a bicycle cleat, a bicyclist, and the cyclists’ phone as a complete system.  If at any time the historical averages (speed, time, and or pathway) of any system deviates within certain metrics VIDAT automatically requires the cyclist to verify it is indeed the cyclist assigned to that system.  This is achieved by requiring the cyclist to re-validate within a required time frame to retain that day’s GHG reduction and miles ridden or healthcare benefits and rewards, including policy reduction costs. VIDAT has a Patent Pending designation that will be published within months.

“Trust but Verify”

The Dandy Horse is focusing on collecting in real-time, the most accurate data tracking and reporting of Green House Gas reduction efforts commuters achieve by bicycling.  Employers use this data for ESG reporting. This empirical data will pass any audit.  It is the hope of Dandy that the sum aggregated employees carbon reduction should create an economic value in the form of a Carbon Credit.  This Carbon Credit. you could reduce carbon emissions by 4,040 grams in one day, even if your own commute is only 5 miles each way! This same data collected can be used to reduce corporate healthcare costs.  According to a report, the city of Portland, Oregon saves $115 million a year in healthcare costs thanks to benefits from cycling.

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