Net-Zero, the aspirations of corporate America achieving Carbon Neutrality, should start with Its employees.” States Mark Kabbash

The Dandy Horse will deliver empirical data derived from a cyclist’s activity related to the environment and personal health. The result is the collecting in real-time, the most accurate data tracking and reporting tool focused on Green House Gas reducing efforts commuters achieve by bicycling. Net-Zero with the right spin towards Carbon Neutrality. ESG Reporting for Scope 3 Category 7 GHG Protocols.

The product is called VIDAT ( Verify, Inspection, Demonstration, Analyzing, and Testing) The Dandy Horse hopes that the aggregated sum of employees carbon-reducing efforts should create an economic windfall in the form of a Carbon Credit, a Carbon Offset, a reduction in corporate healthcare costs that scores favorably on ESG reporting. Designed to improve the data collecting process of Scope 3 Category 7 of the GHG Protocols.

VIDAT data collecting is designed to pass any audit.

We make every ride a charity ride because we can monetize every mile.” MK

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